• Fhyrew - Born in Baltimore County, MD. Life was best described by fellow Hamsterdammer nineninety when he said, “Brief glimpses of happiness followed by crushing disappointment really help you appreciate the monotony of every day life.” When not pursuing crushing disappointment and/or monotony, enjoys eating healthy, working out, and the daily flaggelation of being a Maryland sports fan.
  • Keegs83 - Born and raised in our nation’s capital, Keegs is a diehard Washington, DC sports fan. To balance that misery, he has also found passions that bring actual joy to his life, such as rock n roll music, literature, and coffee.  Keegs recently took his talents to Brooklyn, NY.
  • Nineninety - Born and currently residing in Pittsburgh. Unhealthily obsessed with sports. Likes to pretend that his interest in trashy music and television is ironic.
  • NomnomnomicsA lifelong inhabitant of the DC-Baltimore corridor. Never fancied himself much of a ladies man until he discovered he was the last man on earth. If you want him to tell you more, turn to page 52. If you think he should sneak onto the old pirate ship, turn to page 98.
  • Outspokenslacktivist - Main interests include bad movies, bad TV, good beer and competitive eating. As the only female Hamsterdam contributor, she is excited to have broken through the glass ceiling to write for a tumblr blog for no money. We did it, ladies! Now let’s extinguish our bras and get back to the kitchen.
    • Ripatranzone - Has lived in towns/neighborhoods called Bedford, Boca Raton, College Park, Chevy Chase, Dupont Circle, Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Prospect Heights.  His life has never been as exciting as those names suggest.
    • StrO - Born and living in Baltimore, Maryland. Peaked in both life and love at age 12. Accomplishments include winning his dad’s NCAA office pool, having his picture taken with several cast members of “The Wire,” and never having watched a single episode of “Lost.” Also holds the U.S. record for most second place finishes in fantasy leagues, all-sports-division.
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    There has never been a paper bag for blogs. Until now.