March 3rd, 2011

The Current Events Combine!

We just had what was the 7-layer burrito of weekends, complete with all the intestinal discomfort you could ask for.

Yes, folks, the NFL combine sailed into the harbor with its flag at full mast, and I was there, ready to receive the shipment.

"Wait, Mr. nomics!" you whine, in that nagging voice you can’t help but use, "There were a lot of important things happening in the world this past week! Riots in the Middle East! Wisconsin budget battles! The Oscars!" Seriously, your voice is like fingernails in a pencil sharpener.

But you make a compelling point. There are very, very few things less productive than sitting back and evaluating potential career paths of huge, muscular men based on a bench press or a high jump. So let’s go a little bit country, and a little bit rock & roll on this one. The Current Events Combine!

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